About wensı

Wensi Triko is a knitted apparels manufacturer and wholesaler in Istanbul, Turkey. 


from yarn to garment

We produce knit&wear, fully fashion and cut knitwear for very important and well known Turkish and International firms. We can meet the requirements of the most discerning guest, who want to develop a product in the vanguard of design and technology.


As from the start like now

Our service fully cover the whole development and production process, from the yarn choice to the finished goods. All the prototypes and reference samples are completely internal realized, as the final traditional refining and all kind of sticking and trimming; while only 30% of the whole production is realized with the cooperation of selected and well qualified subcontractors of our area. 33 qualified people compose the internal staff and the knitting production is based on the latest Stoll and Shima machines, covering the full range from 3 to 18 gauge. We are equipped for the making, the treatment and the final steaming and ironing of the garment, with a production of about 9/10.000 pcs per month.